llennhoff (llennhoff) wrote,

Kings (spoilers)

Saw the 2 hour movie last night, quite liked it. I dislike the way they made King Silas substantially less righteous than King Saul. I also deeply disliked the reason Silas loses the Kingship as opposed to in Samuel. So far, Kings seems more like Chronicles than Samuel in that it depicts David as nearly perfect rather than deeply ambiguous and ambitious.

We'll see where things go with David and Jack/Jonathon - still plenty of time for their relationship to turn around. I really liked Michelle/Michal as a policy wonk. I doubt we'll ever see her wearing tefillin, but they've set the stage to make her something of a feminist icon.

I really hated the reference to a date of 1874(47?) I realize using 5634 wasn't going to fly, but they could have just skipped any reference to the year at all.

I'll definitely watch the next few episodes.
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